The service and installation time was top notch I would gladdly recomend them and plan on using them for all our flooring needs.
Scott Kingswan
I enjoyed the personal touch that Hubie gave to the process, his willingness to help out when the project took a slight turn and the flexibility to schedule at our convenience.
Jeff FitzRandolf
Decent choices in decent price ranges
Alex Martin
the people that i dealt with
Steve Holler
Young woman, daughter of owner,& admitedly new to the flooring businss, advised us not to have grout between tiles because it would look "too busy" when she came to my home to consult. We're disappointed in the look without grout after installation. Looks like "stick & press" tiles we might have put in ourselves. After installation tiles raised up around toilets in both bathrooms. We complained. Installer came back & reglued. One tile was damaged by his heat gun & dark brown glue oozed out between tiles. We complained again. Owner came out to view job, & agreed it wasn't right. He offered to provide new tiles, at no charge to us, to replace the ones that were involved & have the installer re-do those areas. At this point we are tenatively scheduled to have the work redone during the week after Easter. Waiting for the owner, Mr. Duerst, to contact me today or Friday with a definite date. Please contact me again around the middle of April & I will give you my final thoughts on this whole process. We love the tile, but the job was botched right from the beginning. Miss Duerst should have had more training b/4 she went to a customer's residence. She wasn't even able to fill out the proposal correctly, forgot to bring her printer & had to call me several times for my credit card number. Again, should NOT have advised against grout, but rather showed us versions of bathrooms done both ways. The installer said he had 30 years of installation experience, even tho' he couldn't have been more than in his late thirties. Experience doesn't always mean precision, or attention to detail.
Marcie Seiler
Mr. Durst is very prompt and dependable. He kept appointments and communicated well. The prices seem reasonable based on experience with similar projects in the past. The installers were dependable, responsive helpful and fast.
Marty Kehrein
We got just what we were hopping for. we will deffinately contact them for future projects.
Wayne Lynn