Speed of installation, knowledge of salesman, transparency of work to be done and products
Melissa Sussman-Gaedke
Job isn't finished yet, they have to put two strip in yet, after they tiled the hallway they told me last Friday they had to order them. The hallway door is broken, I did not break it worked fine for 15 yrs.
Beverly Koehler
Kevin Vondrasek is great. The installers were prompt and professional. The carpet was nice and at the advisement of my realtors the price was fair. I will definitely recommend.
Jason Craig
I appreciated the ability to customize the job. I saved some money by doing some of the prep work on my own. The install guys were great. The sales team was knowledgeable.
Christopher Smith
Personal service and great customer experience.
James Stacy
I liked the fact that I did not have to go from store to store to look at flooring. Super handy!
Mary Stoflet
Quality carpeting and great selection. Excellent installation. Great customer service.
Linda gumhod
I like the doft carpet. It was installed well.
Cami Coburn
The entire project was handled in a respectful and professional manner. The owner was responsive to all of our needs and concerns in a timely manner.
Kerry Hill
l like the products and the excellent and prompt service.
Beth Kline