Installing hardwood is a great way to bring warmth and style into your home, and here at Floor Coverings International Madison, we are big fans of walnut floors. With its solid composition and striking appearance, black walnut hardwood floors will infuse your Madison home with a sense of luxury. However, we understand that every homeowner will have a different taste and walnut may not be a good fit for your lifestyle. Read on to explore the pros and cons of walnut flooring. 

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If you’re looking for a hardwood that will give your space an extravagant look, check out walnut. Walnut tends to have fine grains in both light and dark tones, resulting in an enticing, sophisticated appearance. Furthermore, walnut takes stain well, allowing you the freedom to tailor your hardwood floors to your personal taste. 


Walnut can be treated with oil, rather than wax, making it lower-maintenance than some other hardwoods. Of course, walnut floors still need to be cleaned regularly and refinished routinely, like all hardwood floors. However, many people admire walnut’s characteristically dark hue for its ability to mask dirt more easily than light wood.  



Unlike Brazilian walnut, or Ipe, walnut is one of the softer hardwood species used for hardwood flooring. Because it’s not as hard as other hardwood flooring options like Brazilian cherry, homeowners must take care not to do anything that might scratch or damage walnut floors. Extra care should be taken when moving furniture, for example, not to scrape heavy objects over the floor. Walnut’s softness also makes it best suited to households without pets.


Walnut is a higher-end hardwood, with a higher price tag than some other options. While this may be a drawback for some, the luxe beauty of walnut floors will add value to your home for years to come. If the price of walnut feels exorbitant, hickory is a cheaper hardwood species with a similar appearance. 

Walnut Hardwood Floor Madison

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Walnut hardwood flooring is an exciting material, but it’s far from the only hardwood choice available to Madison homeowners. If you need a new floor, Floor Coverings International Madison is here to help. Schedule your free in-home consultation today! We proudly serve the greater Madison WI area.

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