You’ve heard of cork for wine bottles and bulletin boards, but you might be surprised to hear cork makes a stunning flooring material for your Madison home. Beyond appearance, cork offers numerous other benefits. Luckily, our design experts at Floor Coverings International Madison are here to explore all of the benefits of cork flooring.

cork flooring madisonSustainable

Have you ever wondered what cork is made out of? It’s actually a completely natural flooring material. The soft spongey cork is harvested from the bark of cork trees. No trees are cut down, and the bark quickly regrows to be harvested over and over again. More homeowners care about their home’s impact on the environment, so we are pleased to say that cork is an incredibly sustainable flooring option.

Soft, Durable, And Noise-Free

Naturally, people spend a lot of time walking and standing on their floors! Floors such as hardwood and tile tend to be quite hard to stand on, and can irritate your joints over long periods of time. If you are a bit more sensitive to standing on harder surfaces, consider a cork floor. The structure of cork is naturally soft. Despite the softness, cork is incredibly durable and will not scratch, crack, or dent like other floors. Additionally, cork works wonders as a sound barrier. It insulates and absorbs sounds, making it perfect for multi-level homes.

cork flooring madisonStylish and Safe

Our design experts know sometimes you are looking for a floor unlike any other floor. You are creative and want a unique floor to represent that. Cork may not be the most popular flooring material, but here at Floor Coverings International Madison we think they should be! A properly-installed cork floor can be just as stunning as hardwood. It works in virtually any room from kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms to accent your interior design goals. On top of all of the other benefits we have listed, cork is also amazing for families who suffer from allergies, and is fire resistant.

Get Started in Madison Today!

Are ready to start your next cork flooring project? Cork is stunning, durable, and has a long list of benefits. Call Floor Coverings International Madison today and schedule your free, in-home consultation! We proudly serve Madison WI and surrounding areas.

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