Vinyl composition tile (VCT) has a wide variety of commercial uses thanks to its large style selection, high damage resistance, and ease of maintenance and repair. At Floor Coverings International Madison, we are proud to bring vinyl composition tile to businesses throughout the Madison WI area.

Want to learn more about VCT? Look no further! Read on to find your ultimate guide to all things vinyl composition tile, courtesy of Floor Coverings International Madison.

What is Vinyl Composition Tile?

Vinyl composition tile is created from polyvinyl chloride, also known as “polyvinyl,” “vinyl,” or “PVC.” Polyvinyl chloride is a plastic made of carbon, hydrogen, and chlorine first created by American inventor Waldo Semon in 1926.

To make vinyl composition tile, chips of polyvinyl chloride are shaped into sheets by heat and pressure. Sheets are cut into floor tiles that are then installed onto a level subfloor using vinyl adhesion or tile mastic. Tiles can then be waxed and buffed to extend the floor’s lifespan.

Colors and Varieties

A few vinyl composition tile options available at Floor Coverings International in Madison, Wisconsin

Because vinyl composition tile is engineered instead of naturally sourced, it is available in virtually every color, pattern, and style possible. Vinyl composition tile commonly resembles wood, stone, or other traditional flooring materials. At Floor Coverings International Madison, vinyl composition tile is available in a wide range of designs, including Woodcrest, Black/White, Stone Parquet, Eagle Rock, Tweed, and more.

High-Traffic Hero

Vinyl composition tile’s high resistance to gouges, abrasions, and other impact-related damages makes it wildly popular in commercial spaces and residential areas with high foot traffic. Additionally, VCT’s slip-resistance and static-reducing tendencies make it a safe solution for children and animals. Schools, hospitals, and veterinary clinics are all great applications of vinyl composition tile.

Maintenance and Repair

VCT is also prevalent in industrial spaces because individual tiles can be easily removed and replaced when damaged. To prevent damage, floors can be protected or refinished with the aid of chemical strippers (solvents that remove stains) and mechanical buffers (machines that scrub and polish floors).

Many vinyl composition tile manufacturers – including Floor Coverings International partners Armstrong and Mannington – offer recycling programs to prevent waste and promote sustainability. To find out how you can participate in a VCT recycling program, feel free to contact us online.

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