Does a soft, plush carpet sound like the perfect flooring solution for your space? If so, Saxony carpet flooring might be right match for your Madison home. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Madison are here to explore all things Saxony carpet below!

saxony carpet MadisonTexture & Feel

The softness of Saxony is undeniably one of its biggest appeals. You can choose virtually any carpet fiber to come in the Saxony style. However, the final result comes from how the fibers are cut. Whichever carpet fiber you go with, the fibers are densely and tightly twisted, and then cut straight across the top. The exposed ends of the fibers leave a soft, frayed surface. A Saxony carpet floor is defined by its smooth and sleek appearance, which some homeowners even compare to velvet! There’s no doubt you will end up with a plush, comfy carpet.


Saxony is considered a bit more elegant compared to other carpet styles. Homeowners frequently save this lush carpet for more formal living and dining areas. Its smooth appearance creates a classy, high end look. Luxury hotels and big formal rooms often have a Saxony style carpet. Of course, we can’t forget about the bedroom, either. Soft carpet and bedrooms are made to be together! The comfort of Saxony is a perfect addition to a cozy bedroom.


While Saxony sounds perfect with all of its softness, there are a few considerations that come along with it. With cut pile carpet fibers, it’s a bit easier for marks to be left behind. Footprints and furniture marks might end up making an indent on the carpet. There’s quite an easy fix, however, by simply shifting your furniture around every once in a while. It is a bit easier to clean up spills on a Saxony compared to longer fibered carpets, like Frieze, as well! Rather than sink down in the carpet fibers, spills are more likely to sit at the top surface.

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Saxony carpet is a classic flooring choice for Madison homeowners. With all the variety of carpet fibers and colors available, our flooring experts are here to help! When you’re ready to get started on your next flooring project, give Floor Coverings International Madison a call to schedule your free, in-home consultation. We proudly serve Madison WI and surrounding areas.

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