luxury vinyl plank verona

Actual vinyl plank flooring installation in Verona, WI.

Choosing the right floor for your kitchen will have a huge impact on your kitchen’s look and feel, and the options are nearly endless. So shopping for kitchen flooring can be an overwhelming task. Floor Coverings International is ready to help you every step of the way. From design concept and product consultation through to installation, Floor Coverings International Madison is your premier choice for flooring in the Madison area.  


Many homeowners choose to continue hardwood flooring from the dining area into the kitchen. Hardwoods are a perfect kitchen flooring option as they are durable, they can last for decades, and they can be sanded and refinished when necessary.


Tile kitchen flooring will give your Madison home a classic look or a modern look, depending on the tile you select. Right now the larger, rectangular tiles are popular. You can get these in a wood-look variety or mimic the look of natural stone flooring. The great thing about tile? Spills are nothing to worry about as this flooring can handle moisture, food, and more!

Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring will give your kitchen an elegant feel and it can last a lifetime. Consider a travertine option, marble, or even slate. While the materials will cost you slightly more, you will have a truly unique and impressive kitchen floor that can be the focal point of the room’s design.

Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is perfect in the kitchen. It can look just like hardwoods or natural stone, but it comes in at a lower price point. It also offers a surface that is kinder on the feet. Since many people end up spending a lot of time on their feet in the kitchen, this is a welcome bonus for many Madison homeowners!

Have another idea?

This is not a complete list of all of the kitchen flooring options available with Floor Coverings International Madison. The best way to select the perfect flooring for your home is to see flooring samples in the space where they will be installed. This will let you see how the flooring will fit in with your lighting, cabinets, and countertops. With our mobile showroom, we can come to you and bring the flooring store to your door. Get in touch today to get started!