Walnut Flooring - shutterstock_28813819If you’re looking to install hardwood flooring in Madison you want to make sure you’re getting a quality product installed by a company that is experienced.  Floor Coverings International here in Madison knows how to answer all of your hardwood flooring questions.  We pride ourselves on installing quality hardwood flooring at a great price for our customers.  So, why should you choose Floor Coverings International in Madison to install your hardwood flooring?

Vast Selection 

We offer a huge selection of hardwood flooring species. From classic oak, mahogany, ash, or maple to more exotic hardwood flooring options like bamboo! We can personalize each hardwood flooring project we complete to ensure you get a new hardwood floor that you love. You’ll be able to decide the plank width, the finish, and the species.  We can offer guidance through the entire process so that you end up with a new floor that looks great and a floor that will hold up well over the years.

Great Price

Most homeowners don’t set aside money every year to put towards home improvement projects.  When it comes to installing new hardwood flooring in your home, you want to be sure you’re getting a fair price. Floor Coverings International works directly with manufacturers so you can be sure you’re saving on materials.  We will work within your budget to ensure you get a floor that looks beautiful in your home but also doesn’t break the bank!

Professional Installation 

We live in a world of Do-It-Yourselfers and many homeowners are taking on home improvement projects themselves! This is a wonderful trend to see as many projects can be easily tackled with a little determination and creativity.  When it comes to hardwood flooring installation, though, we’ve found that it’s best to have a professional company install your flooring.  This ensures measurements are completed accurately and all installation materials are selected correctly.  Professional installation gives you the peace of mind so you can rest easy knowing your new hardwood floors have been installed right the first time.

Ready for some new hardwood floors?  Call the experts at Floor Coverings International in Madison today.  We can provide all of your flooring needs to the Madison area.  Call us today to set up a free consultation!

Photo Credit: Elena Elisseeva