Hardwood Flooring madisonIn Madison, WI Hardwood flooring installation is a way to add value and natural beauty to your home. Once you’ve decided hardwood flooring is the right choice for your home, you’ll be looking to take the next step with installation. Some flooring options are fairly simple to install, but solid hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring should be professionally installed.

Our flooring professionals at Floor Coverings International here in Madison have the tools, the knowledge and the experience to do the job right. These pros know the tips and tricks for making your floor look like a million bucks. We can customize the hardwood species, plank width, stain, and finish to achieve your desired design.

When installing hardwood floors, some are site-finished in your home and others are pre-finished. If you choose pre-finished hardwoods, your total installation time will be quicker, but if you’re after a specific shade or finish, then you may want to have the hardwoods finished on site as this will give you more options.

Before taking chances with such a significant investment in your home, you’d serve yourself well by calling the professionals at Floor Coverings International in Madison, WI. We offer free design consultations where you can see the different hardwood flooring options and ask any questions you have. Save yourself time, hassle, headache and worry. We can install flooring quickly and affordably.

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