Kitchen flooring hardwoods MadisonChoosing the right floor for your kitchen will have a huge impact on your kitchen’s look and feel, and the options are nearly endless. So shopping for kitchen flooring can be an overwhelming task. Floor Coverings International Madison is ready to help you every step of the way. From design concept and product consultation through to installation, Floor Coverings International is your premier choice for flooring in the greater Madison region.  

Popular Kitchen Flooring Options

Natural Stone 

kitchen tile floor Madison

Nothing says luxury and premier durability more than natural stone floors. In thekitchen, choose a travertine tile, or even granite, marble, or slate.  Each piece of stone flooring is completely unique giving your floor a one-of-a kind quality that will wow guests. Tile size and shape can all be customized to reach your particular design goals.

Porcelain Tile 

Tile is popular in the kitchen since spills and messes can’t really damage a properly installed porcelain tile floor.  Consider adding in wood-look tile, grey, brushed rectangular tile, or simple, classic white tile.  If you’re looking for a work of art within your kitchen floor, it’s possible to add in a mosaic into part of the floor.  This will ad a natural focal point, so you’ll want to tone down other elements of your kitchen design.

Solid Hardwoods 

Hardwood flooring is often continued from adjacent rooms into the kitchen.The great thing about solid hardwoods is they can be refinished up to 10 times to get your flooring looking like new once again!  While hardwoods are not quite as impermeable as tile, they can withstand quite a bit and small area rugs in places like near the sink will help to protect your hardwood investment. Many homeowners choose Oak in the kitchen for his high score on the Janka hardness scale and bright, cheerful tone.  However, Acacia is also a beautiful medium brown hue with hints of red. Honestly the best way to decide on a species of hardwood for your kitchen is to see samples.

The experts at Floor Coverings International Madison can show you the many options including species, plank width, and finishes. We can make your kitchen flooring dreams a reality.

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Photos: Iriana Shiyan and Diane Uhley