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Actual installation of Acacia hardwood flooring in a Madison home!

Often one of the most common flooring materials homeowners seek out is hardwood flooring. Everyone loves classic, rustic, and stunning hardwood flooring! It can match almost any decor and last a lifetime. But where do you begin when it comes to adding new hardwood flooring or replacing hardwood flooring in your Madison home? The experts at Floor Coverings International share some ideas to get you started.

Start with Color

A good way to narrow down a hardwood flooring decision is to decide if you are looking for a dark hardwood flooring option or a light hardwood flooring option or something in between. Then we can show you the various options and stain that are out there to achieve the look you want.

Consider Durability

Not all hardwoods are created equal. In fact, some wood floors are actually considered softwoods and scratch and dent much more easily than others. Be sure to consult the Janka Hardness Scale to get a good idea of how each species ranks. If you’re adding these hardwood floors to a high traffic zone in your home like a hallway or kitchen, this is essential to consider.

Go Against the Grain

Many homeowners choose oak or walnut in the Madison area, but there’s no reason you can’t opt for something more exotic. We actually wrote a whole article on the subject and it’s worth checking out if you want a truly unique hardwood floor for your Madison home or business.

Amendiom Hardwood Flooring Madison

Actual installation of solid hardwoods in Madison!

Think Long Term

Hardwood floors can last for decades. If you already have solid hardwood flooring in your Madison home, there’s a good chance you can sand and refinish the floor and get it looking like new again. However, if you’re adding hardwoods for the first time, then make sure you’re choosing a hardwood floor that will fit with your home as your decor evolves.

Engineered Vs. Solid Hardwoods

Depending on your design goals and the flooring that you want in your home, engineered hardwood flooring might be a better option. An expert design associate at Floor Coverings International Madison can talk you through the decision to make sure you have a flooring that will look great, fit your budget, and last a long time!

Give us a call today and get your new hardwood flooring underway!