commercial carpet madisonHave you ever noticed that the carpet in your office is different than the one in your living room? Carpeting for commercial spaces here in Madison must meet different design standards than residential flooring. Read on to discover three components that distinguish commercial carpet from residential options.


The thick carpet pad in your carpet at home may make it more comfortable to walk on, but it isn’t a good choice for busy commercial spaces. Floors in public spaces should be designed with a wide range of uses in mind, from walking, to using a wheelchair, to rolling clothing racks and office chairs. For this reason, commercial carpet contractors often forgo the installation of a carpet pad and favor a low pile carpet. In commercial spaces, functionality is key.


Residential carpet is available in an extensive range of colors. Design wisdom suggests the use of light carpet colors in Madison homes, to open up a room and create the illusion of space. On the other hand, designers typically favor a darker color palette for carpeting in commercial spaces. Think of all the traffic a commercial setting will endure in comparison to your home. Light colored carpet would quickly become soiled and need replacement. Dark carpet masks stains and dirt, meaning that it will last longer in your Madison office or store.


Commercial carpeting is specifically designed to withstand a high volume of traffic. The most common material used for commercial carpets here in Madison is nylon. Nylon is the highest quality fiber for commercial carpet because it is durable and stain resistant. Unlike many popular residential carpet options, commercial carpet is made with a short pile height. The greater the pile height, the less durable the carpet, so low-pile carpeting is ideal for high-traffic commercial settings.

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