carpet for pets Floor coverings international madisonSo you know you want to have carpets in some part of your home even with your pet. The good thing is it is possible to keep them looking fresh and clean although there are some considerations to take into account before you have them installed. Here are some items to think about from the experts at Floor Covering s International of Madison.

Pile Considerations

This will be important to know regardless of if you are a pet owner as different pile carpets use slightly different methods of cleaning. The main categories of carpets are broken up by pile height: low or high. Low pile carpets are also called loop pile carpets as the fibers used on them feature a loop. Berbers are common examples of loop pile carpets. High pile carpets are also called cut pile, as the loops in the carpet fibers are cut to give a plush feeling.

The carpet pile options have pros and cons to each of them. We usually recommend going with a cut pile carpet as cut piles are easier to clean as the loops don’t trap dirt. In addition, looped pile carpets can turn into a mess as pet nails and claws can snag the loop and damage it. Berber carpets, in particular, are loved by cats and if they aren’t trained will generally believe that the carpet is one giant scratching field for their enjoyment. However, cut pile carpets generally show foot marks and vacuum tracks which loop pile carpets do not.

Know Your Pets

Carpets usually don’t hold well with pets especially if they aren’t trained. If a pet soils the carpet, this can significantly reduce the lifetime of your carpets. Before you install the carpets, know if your pet is likely to soil it or scratch at it. This will also help you determine where you should have carpeting. Areas where your pet doesn’t frequent as often might be ideal for carpet. An example is if pets aren’t allowed in the bedroom, this might be a good place to have carpet installed.

Cover Up & Clean

Rugs are a great way to help protect your carpets, as it is usually easier to replace a rug than a whole room of carpeting. Natural fibers are durable but are very prone to stains especially with liquids. Try an indoor/outdoor rug which is usually made from nylon or polypropylene which are stylish and can easily be washed (some even spray them down with a hose!).

When cleaning be sure to invest in a quality stain remover that also removes the smell, so dogs will not be tempted to re-soil the carpet. Vacuuming regularly will also help to extend the life of your carpets and reduce allergens caused by pet hair.

Unlike other flooring products, carpets offer unparalleled warmth, however, they can often add more headaches for homeowners. Be sure to really assess if carpets are the right fit for your family (pets included) before choosing them for your floor.

Curious about flooring that’s suitable for your home and pets? Give Floor Coverings International of Madison a call today! We’re here to help.

Photo: Perfectlab