Classic and timeless. We often use these two words to describe hardwood flooring in Madison homes, and for a good reason! Hardwood flooring is a stylish, well-loved choice that has been used throughout many decades – even as design trends change and evolve.

Traditionally, hardwood planks are installed in a simple, straight pattern. But, today, there are a variety of hardwood patterns to choose from depending on your unique personal style and design goals. Floor Coverings International Madison is here to help guide you through some of the creative patterns available when installing hardwood flooring.

Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone is a popular pattern in recent interior design trends. The name is a perfect description of the pattern, which resembles the skeleton of a herring fish. To achieve this look, the wood is cut in straight rectangles, which are then laid in a zigzag formation. This artistic pattern adds visual interest and texture to any room for a twist on classic hardwood floors. Of course, you can install any hardwood species of your choosing in the herringbone pattern!

herringbone hardwood flooring Madison

Wood Parquet Flooring

No longer a thing of the past, wood parquet flooring is making a comeback. Today’s parquet flooring is made out of solid hardwood and available in a variety of patterns, which are geometrically composed of wood pieces. Many homes used to commonly have a room or two with parquet, but were covered up as carpet gained popularity. Midcentury modern is quickly taking over the interior design world now, and the mosaic geometric parquet perfectly fits in. For Madison homeowners who love a modern take on retro hardwood flooring, wood parquet flooring is a unique and nostalgic choice.

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Plank Size and Direction

Compared to classic narrow planks, wider plank widths typically range from 3 to 12 inches. Rustic, traditional, and grand are a few ways to describe wide plank hardwood flooring. However, wider planks are becoming a stylish addition to modern homes.

For a simple but clever way to install hardwood flooring simply adjust the direction. Instead of straight up and down, consider installing hardwood flooring diagonally. In this formation the leading lines of the hardwood will be elongated, which visually makes any room appear larger!

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Create Your Dream Hardwood Floors in Madison Today!

The options to customize and design your own unique hardwood floors are endless. Call our design experts at Floor Coverings International Madison and schedule a free, in-home consultation today! We proudly serve Madison WI and surrounding areas.

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