carpet madison wisconsinIf you’re looking for new carpet for your Madison home, you probably want to choose carpet that is stylish as well as comfortable. Look no further than help from our carpet experts at Floor Coverings International Madison! Here are some of the top trends for carpet flooring in Madison for 2019.

Colors and Patterns

While neutral carpeting is a standard choice, current trends are leaning toward bold, patterned prints. If you prefer to keep your designs more tame, you can get in on this trend by carpeting a small area, like a stairwell, in an unusual pattern. Animal prints are also coming back in style. When you page through current home design catalogs, you will see leopard prints, zebra stripes, or other patterns. Bright florals, bold geometric patterns, and animal prints can add interest to any home.


The last few years have seen a surge in people looking for interesting carpet textures. Some people remember the plush carpeting of past decades and will be pleased to know that they can once again find soft, cushy carpeting into which they can sink their bare feet. Madison homeowners who want a little more pattern can opt for ribbed carpeting with ridges and lines.

Easy Care

Most Madison homeowners are looking for easy care carpet. Manufacturers have responded by creating carpets that are virtually waterproof. These carpets have a nice design, are comfortable on bare feet, and are excellent choices for high-traffic areas like entryways or hallways. They resist stains and grime, and stand up well to damp conditions.

frieze carpet Madison wisconsin“Green” Carpet

Green” Madison carpet is made from fibers that protect the environment. Many homeowners are trying to use materials in their homes that are more Earth-friendly. Additionally, many carpets of all types are being created from recycled materials. If “going green” is important to you, ask our experts at Floor Coverings International Madison to point you toward the brands with the highest amount of recycled materials in the fibers. You may be surprised at the offerings!

Get Started Today!

When you’re looking for carpeting, the options are innumerable. If you want to decorate with the top trends of this year and have access to the best Madison carpet flooring options, our experts at Floor Coverings International Madison will be glad to assist you. If you have questions, want to schedule a free consultation, or need ideas for your home in the greater Madison area, contact us today!

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