staircase flooring MadisonDoes your staircase currently feature wall-to-wall word out carpet that used to be white before years of use? When it’s time for new carpet, call the experts at Floor Coverings International Madison. We can ensure the flooring in every room of your house is expertly installed including any flooring needs you have for your stairs!  Here are some tips to consider when you’re choosing new flooring for a staircase.


How many people use this staircase?  Is this something people are going up and down multiple times a day?  Does this lead to a second floor with a bonus room that isn’t used often?  Most staircases are used fairly often. Because of this you want to select a flooring option that is durable! For this many homeowners turn to Berber carpeting or even wool carpeting. However, there are many carpeting options that will perform well on stairs.


It probably won’t happen all that often, but if someone were to slip and fall down the staircase you want to ensure their injuries are minimized by the flooring.  This is why most homeowners choose to not go with natural stone or tile on staircases. However, if the stairs are very wide sometimes tile can be an appropriate choice.


So you want functionality and for things to last, but let’s not overlook the style!  How does your staircase look? This is where you can have some fun and add in your own flair.  For example, instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, install a stair runner.  Or, choose a patterned carpet to feature on your staircase.  In many homes that feature a staircase right in the entryway, the staircase can be the natural focal point of the design.


It’s important to consider how many steps we’re talking about here. Is it only 2 or 3 stairs leading down to another room in an open floor plan? If that is the case you may have more options on flooring material options. Longer staircases are where you really need to consider traction.

Have a staircase or an entire room that needs new flooring?  Call Floor Coverings International Madison today!  We are locally owned and operated here in Madison and look forward to working with you!

Photo: David Papazian