Granite Tile Flooring MadisonAre your tile floors starting to show their age? Tile flooring can remain functional for a long time — and replacing it can be an involved process — so it’s sometimes difficult to determine the best time to get new floors. Before you start looking at new tile floors for your Madison home, consider the following factors:

How Old Are Your Tiles?

Floor tiles are supposed to last anywhere from 30 to 50 years, depending on the quality of the ceramic. This is why ceramic tile floors are usually such a great choice. If you’ve moved into an older home and your tiles are decades old, they may already be entering into the end of their usable life span. If they’re starting to break now, the situation is only going to get worse as they age.

Are They Broken or Chipped?

Broken, chipped tiles have to be completely taken out to be replaced. However, this fix might not be in the cards for you if your tile is no longer manufactured. If your tiles are old enough that you can’t replace them (and you don’t have any replacement tiles handy on your own), a full tile replacement is likely a better bet.

Have They Started to Look Dated?

There are certain trends that are simply locked into the decade that they arrived, like overly ornate kitchen floor tiles, for example. If your tile floor is not as modern or trendy as you’d like, it may be time to reach out to our experts at Floor Coverings International Madison for a free in-home consultation.

ceramic tile madison wisconsinAre You Doing a Complete Remodel?

If you’re repainting and renovating your entire home, it’s possible that your old floor tiles just don’t have the right look. When doing a complete remodel, it’s likely that your floor tiles are going to need to be replaced with something a little more modern. Take a look at your paint swatches and other materials alongside your current tile to see if it fits.

Do You Need a Different Surface?

As we age into our homes, our needs change. Over time, tile can become uncomfortable and impractical. If you’re more concerned with comfort now, then replacing your tile is a good solution. Products like carpet are far more comfortable, warmer, and just as easy to maintain. There are also products such as cork that are naturally softer.

Get Started Today!

If your tiles are old, broken, and starting to look a little dated, it’s most likely time to replace your tile flooring. But if your tiles are still relatively solid and you like the design, you may be able to get away with a deep cleaning for your grout. If you have any other questions about tile floor maintenance or installation, reach out to our experts. If you’re ready to replace your tile,  schedule an in-house consultation!

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