This winter, we’ve seen some major snowstorms throughout the country, with day where as many as 49 of the 50 states have some snow on the ground. Protecting your home from the dangers of winter are a necessity, and here at Floor Coverings International of Madison , we try to provide our customers with everything they need to survive the difficulties of dealing with snow. Read on to find a few tips for protecting your floor from snow throughout the winter months, be it carpet, hardwood, tile, or laminate.

Make Sure to Designate a Mud Room

Common in many homes, especially on the east coast, mud rooms are designed as areas where one can change out of all of their messy winter gear without tracking any of it into the house. Mud rooms are typically used to store everything from boots to winter coats and hats in an attempt to keep all of your potentially soggy clothing in one area. If you don’t have a built in mud room, not to worry: anything from a garage to entry way can double as a mud room if need be. Just make sure to lay down some plastic or washable rugs and let everyone in the family know that there winter gear should remain in the one area.

Cover Your Carpets

If your home has carpet flooring, you’ll want to take extra precautions. Not only can carpet stain more easily than hardwood or laminate, it is also far more susceptible to mold, which can become a real problem during the colder months. At Floor Coverings International of Madison, we often recommend our customers cover their entry way carpets in the winter with a tarp or drop cloth. Extra carpet runners can also be used in areas where family members typically come in and out of the home. Although the warm feel of carpet can be extra nice in the winter, it’s important to protect it from the strains of snow-covered shoes.

Keep that Floor Dry

Any and all winter flooring tips end up with one major purpose in mind: keeping your floors dry. Be it hardwood, laminate or carpet, water and moisture are sure to damage your floors in left untreated. Make sure that you keep plenty of rags handy for dealing with wetness during the winter. Also, try implementing a shoes off rule in your home during the colder months, especially if you have carpet. Maybe even buy some cheap house slippers for everyone in the family to encourage them to leave their mucky boots in the mud room where they belong. Protecting your floors during the winter starts and ends with keeping them dry, and any and all strategies for accomplishing that are highly recommended!

At Floor Coverings International, we not only pride ourselves on installing the best flooring options in the Madison area, we also provide the best service. Whether it’s tips on remodeling or ideas for maintaining the perfect floor, Floor Coverings International of Madison is here to help you.