Luxury vinyl tile is a flooring choice that has grown in
popularity in recent years. At Floor Coverings International of Madison, we’ve
fallen in love with this versatile and affordable product. We always make sure
to carry a wide variety of Luxury Vinyl Tile for homeowners in the Madison, WI
area. Available in a wide variety of styles, with many attractive qualities,
take a look and see if this flooring choice is right for you!

What is luxury vinyl tile?

“Luxury Vinyl” is a larger category of flooring featuring
multiple varieties. Luxury vinyl tile can be designed to have many different
appearances, mimicking other flooring options like wood, stone, or ceramic. Due
to its tile structure, luxury vinyl can be easily installed to fit your space.
Luxury vinyl is created through the combination of four layers. The base is the
durable backing structure – the ‘vinyl’ that gives the tile its name. Above
that is a printed design, containing the photorealistic image chosen for the
tile. Next is the protective film layer that covers the tile and protects from
harsh damage like gouges and rips. Finally, there is the thicker wear layer to
protect the tile from daily wear and tear.

Pros and Cons

There are several advantages to using luxury vinyl tile.
This choice really shines when used as an alternative to the flooring options
it can mimic. Vinyl is softer than ceramic or stone tile, making it easier to
stand on as well a good choice for kitchens where fragile plates could be
dropped. In addition, it stays warmer than often-chilly stone tile. Another
positive feature of this flooring choice is that it remains undamaged by
moisture. Unlike hardwood floors, which can warp if exposed to liquids, vinyl
is water resistant. Its multi-layer construction means that it is resilient and
can stand up to damage.
Luxury vinyl does have a few shortcomings, though. Although it is strong, it is
not as hardy as regular tile and can potentially be damaged. It also may not
bring the same resale value to your home that genuine tile or hardwood would.

All of these various attributes combine to make luxury vinyl
tile a perfect flooring choice for homeowners in the Madison area. If vinyl
tile sounds like a good fit for your space, give Floor Coverings International of
Madison a call today!