carpet ideas MadisonThere’s just something so warm and welcoming about getting new carpet installed. A fresh start and a clean look will soon fill your space.  With carpet, though, you have an important decision to make and that is related to carpet pile. With that in mind, we thought we’d break down some carpet pile options to let you know what carpet to choose to achieve certain design goals. Read on for some tips to get the right pile from the experts at Floor Coverings International Madison.

Comfy and Cozy Carpet

If this carpet is being installed in a bedroom, a living room, a playroom, or a den, then you want to ensure the carpet is comfortable. This is where you want to be able to sprawl out and have a soft, cushioned surface below. Consider adding frieze carpeting; the fibers cut to varying lengths provide an informal cozy appeal.  Another option is the classic plush carpet that you’ve probably seen in many Madison area homes. The fibers of plush carpeting are all cut to the same length.  Remember, the higher the pile height the softer and more inviting the carpet will feel.  Be sure to invest in a quality memory foam carpet pad as well as this can make a world of difference.

Clean & Durable

If you’re looking for a carpet that will pick up the least allergens and will rank highest in the durability category, then turn towards the loop pile carpeting or Berber carpet. When you leave the fibers of a carpet uncut, the fibers remain much stronger. They will also retain less dust, pollen, and dander. Berber is perfect for staircases, bedrooms, home offices, and more. And, when paired with a soft carpet pad, Berber can be quite comfortable as well.

Sleek & Formal

If you’re looking for a luxury carpet option, you may want to consider plush or velvet wool carpet as this is one of the highest quality carpet fibers available. You can also go for a nylon carpet that has a lower pile and is cut shorter.  This is often used in commercial spaces but can also create a sense polished style within a room. If you want the carpet to be the center of attention you can even add in patterned carpet or go with hardwood flooring and add in an area rug.

The only way you can actually pick out a carpet that you’ll love is to see and feel carpet samples for yourself. Floor Coverings International Madison offers a showroom where you can do just that.  We also can schedule a free, in-home consultation where we bring the flooring samples right to your door!

Photo: severija