Along with traditional hardwood flooring, carpet flooring is easily the most popular choice amongst homeowners. Perhaps due to the warmth associated with it, or simply due to the great look it can add to a home, carpet flooring just seems to never go out of style. Here at Floor Coverings International of Madison, we’re experts in all things carpet flooring, and we have amazing Design Associates on staff to assist you in making the right choice for your home. In order to get you started on your way to the your dream home, we’ve put together a guide to carpet flooring, outlining just what you need to know when making the right selection for your family.

Why Carpet Flooring?

It’s important to note just why so many homeowners love going with carpet flooring. Carpet tends to provide a layer of warmth and comfort to any room that it’s in, and it is also great when it comes to thermal resistance. Carpet is also great at damping sound, a fact that really reinforces carpet flooring’s ability to create a cozy, insular space. Add to all of this the wonderful look of carpet flooring, and it’s easy to see why it has remained a constant choice in home design.

Types of Carpet Fibers

The first thing to look into when selecting carpet flooring is the four major types of carpet fibers, which will have a large effect on the feel of your carpet. Nylon is very soft and durable, as well as being resistant to staining. Add to it a great price tag, and you can understand why it’s the number one choice in the carpet world. If it is look that you’re most interested in, you may consider polyester carpet, which has the ability to hold dramatic colors and designs better than other options. Polypropylene carpet flooring is incredibly resilient and resistant to staining and mildew, making it a great choice for basement spaces. Finally, you find wool carpeting, which is incredibly luxurious but also comes with the price tag to prove it.

Types of Carpet Pile

After you’ve decided what type of fiber will work best for your home, you’ll want to decide upon the right pile. Pile is a word used to describe the manner in which carpeting has been looped. For instance, berber pile is the most common choice in the flooring world, and it is a method that leaves the entire loop intact on the surface of the piece. Berber pile carpets tend to be highly durable, easy to clean, and resistant to stains. Also popular is cut carpet pile, which tends to produce soft, handsome carpet flooring that is easy to clean (if slightly rigid). Saxony cut pile is often colloquially called shag carpeting, and it tends to produce a “long haired,” luxurious feel. Next we have frieze cut pile, in which the individual strands are tightly twisted and kinked, causing them to curl erratically across the surface of the carpet. This is a highly durable style that tends to hide dirt and wear, making it ideal for high traffic areas.


Aside from pile and type of fiber, the only thing left to decide is color and pattern. If you’d like to view some high quality carpet flooring, contact Floor Coverings International of Madison for a free in-home estimate!