wood floor cleaning_mariakraynova_244788604So you’ve just installed the floors of your dream, but how do you keep them around for as long as possible? Maintenance! We know cleaning isn’t the most fun of tasks, but keeping your floors clean will help your floors last longer in addition to keeping allergies and other respiratory worries at bay. Different types of flooring mean you need different cleaning materials. Below you will find the basic items you should have in your cleaning kit based on your type of flooring.


You’ll need soft cloths and a wood cleaner. If you prefer a handle, there are a variety of dry mops that you can find with large cloth pads in major retailers. The cleaner is one of the most important parts. You don’t want a harsh cleaner as that could damage the finish of your wood. Look for cleaners that say safe on wood, and then try it in a conspicuous location to verify that it doesn’t damage your floors. Always read the instructions to prevent damage! Don’t put any oils or waxes on to your hardwood floors as this could damage the finish of your woods. If you need to vacuum, you will need to have a vacuum with an attachment. The beater bar type of vacuums will scratch and scuff your floors.


Your main weapon of choice will be a vacuum. We recommend having a vacuum that has an adjustable height so you can adjust the height to get the base of the bristles in addition to considering a smaller hand held device. These vacuums will be great for picking up the small spills without having to bring out the heavy duty vacuum.

You should still be able to deep clean your carpets. Call carpet cleaning experts to do this step, as the commercial machines they have are different from the residential versions you find in stores.


Tiles are also fairly easy to clean. However, some types of tile will stain quite a bit especially natural stones like marble, so you’ll have to be a bit proactive when dealing with spills. In addition, with stones like marble, you have to be careful with using cleaning solutions. You’ll also want to have a vacuum to get into the baseboards (particularly under cabinets in kitchens) and a mop in your cleaning arsenal with this type of flooring.


Arguably one of the easiest floor materials to clean and durable at that, vinyl still requires some tools to keep it clean. You’ll want to keep cloths around to wipe
up any spills that occur. You can also feel free to vacuum or mop on vinyl as well.

We hope you’ve found this list helpful for whatever type of flooring you have. If your floors are beyond repair, give Floor Coverings International Madison a call. We’re your local flooring experts!

Photo Credit: Maria Kraynova