Nobody likes having to clean, but oftentimes it’s a necessity. Whether it’s dirt getting tracked in, messes from cooking, or some other cause, messes can be frustrating. Fortunately, the right flooring choice can make the hassle of cleaning much easier. Here at Floor Coverings International of Madison, we have an expert team to guide you in the process of choosing the right floor, be it hardwood or carpet. Here are three options that can make cleaning up that much simpler.


Hardwood flooring is one good choice for making floors easier to clean. Unlike carpet, hardwood flooring resists water, and its solid construction means that dirt won’t cause stains. Because it is available in different varieties, you can choose the right toughness for your space. Hardwood floors can be swept or mopped up to take care of a variety of spills. However, in the long run hardwood may not be the best choice. Although resistant to damage, liquids can stain or warp the floors and they can be scratched. Be sure to stay on top of messes to prevent long-term damage.


Tile can be an excellent solution to a messy area. Due to its construction, tile is naturally resilient to damage and makes for easy cleaning. Natural tiles are created by transforming clay or other natural materials with intense heat and pressure, making for a solid construction that won’t stain or soak easily. In addition, many tiles come with a protective seal, making them that much more secure against damage. When messes do happen, you can be confident in cleaning and knowing that you won’t damage the floors with chemicals or scrubbing.


Another option is to use vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is made by combining several layers of material, with a protective layer on the top. This layer is resistant to liquid and physical damage. Again, this not only protects the floor from stains or damage but makes it simple to clean; spills will simply collect on top and can be brushed or mopped up with ease. One bonus of vinyl is that it can be made to mirror the appearance of other floors, such as wood or tile, at a less expensive price.

If you’re thinking of getting new flooring, make sure to give Floor Coverings International of Madison a call. Our design experts will set you up with a free in-home consultation, and help you find the perfect floors for your space.