Allison Michelena of A Glimpse Inside Floor Coverings International MadisonAt Floor Coverings International, we love bringing you advice and insight from designers. Today, we have an interview with Allison Michelena of A GlimpseĀ Inside, blogger and DIY designer.

Floor Coverings International: Could you tell me a little about yourself?

Allison Michelena: Hi! My name is Allison. I am an Army wife and SAHM of two little girls (age 2 and 10 months). My family and I are currently calling Colorado home but not for too much longer before
we are off on our next military adventure. I am also the blogger behind the blog A Glimpse Inside. I love to craft, gets my hands dirty with DIY projects, treasure hunting at thrift stores, take photos, and spend time with
my family. I’m lucky to have married a guy that has a bit of a creative side as well who supports my craziness and enjoys getting his hands dirty along with me on those DIY projects and even enjoys finding thrifty
treasures. I sure hope that both of our girls enjoy it as much as we do.

FCI: What made you decide to start a blog, and what do enjoy about blogging?

AM: I originally started my blog as a family blog. Moving as much as we do, 6 times in 4 1/2 years, I wanted a way for our family and friends to keep up with us through our moves, my husband’s
deployments, and to just see what we are up too. But I quickly switched it over to more of a craft/DIY blog even though I do still throw the military and family posts in from time to time as well.

I enjoy blogging because I love sharing my ideas with others. I get so excited about a project or craft that I created that I hope others get excited about it as well and want to make something for themselves. It is so
fun creating something and then seeing others try your idea. Plus, for me, it keeps me busy. Being a SAHM, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. This allows be to relieve stress, and keep my mind moving.

FCI: One big part of your blog is cooperation – from featuring others’ projects to Hangout parties. How do you set up these collaborations?

AM: Back when I first started blogging 5 yrs ago, it was so new that you quickly became “friends” with other bloggers through your blogs. Emails would be sent out and collaborations were made.
These days, I still collaborate with many of my long time blogging friends but Facebook has become a huge help in coming together with other bloggers to share ideas. I am in numerous groups where we will discuss
blog hops, ask for ideas for round-ups, and just discuss blogging related topics. I still email friends if I want them to participate in something I am doing but most of it is through Facebook these days. And now that
blogging has become so big, it is so fun to attend blog conferences and see and meet your blogging friends in real life! This is always a great way to come up with some big ideas and find some friends to collaborate
with! As for features, I tend to get ideas to feature on my own blog through my link up party that I host once a week. I used to throw the party by myself but I now co-host with 5 other great bloggers. I will also decide
on a certain theme that goes with the seasons or holidays and try to do a round-up featuring other bloggers that have posts related to that theme.

FCI: What are some of your influences and inspirations?

AM: Hmmm… I don’t really know. I normally just walk through stores, browse magazines or Pinterest to find inspiration and ideas that speak to me. There have been many times that I look at
something and think “I can do that!” If it is something that I will try to recreate, I’ll think of a way to put my spin on it. I draw inspiration from my fellow bloggers as well and even my from my girls. My oldest will color
or draw something and it makes me want to try something with crayons or watercolor or make some homemade play-doh that she can enjoy.

FCI: Tell me about one of your favorite projects that you worked on.

AM: I will have to share two favorites. When we moved here to CO, we bought our first home. I was very newly pregnant with our first daughter and I was so excited to decorate her nursery any
way I wanted in our new home. Her room is still one of very favorites. I love the bright yellow with the white board and batten and then the accents of coral and turquoise. My second favorite room is our second
daughter’s bedroom. We didn’t decide that she was having her own room until I was 30 weeks pregnant so the rush was on to get her room complete. I love the plank wall as the feature wall with her green, purple, and
pink color scheme. I just love how both rooms came out!

Allison Michelena of A Glimpse Inside Floor Coverings International Madison

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