Waking up early can be rough enough without having to step on an ice-cold floor first thing in the morning. Chilly Madison winters require the right type of flooring to keep your feet toasty warm as the temperatures begin to drop. Here are three of the best options for Madison homeowners to keep your floors warm even on the coldest days this winter.

Carpetcarpet madison wisconsin

It should go without saying that carpet flooring is the most obvious choice to keep your floors warm. In fact, many Madison homeowners select carpet for their homes for the sole purpose of maintaining warm floors. Carpet acts as an insulator, and the carpet and the pad provide two layers of barrier between your feet and your home’s subfloor. This combination creates the warmest option for your flooring and one that looks great in many areas of your home.

Radiant Heat Flooring

If you prefer the look and functionality of tile, natural stone or porcelain, but don’t like its cold exterior, install a radiant heating system below the surface. Warming coils are installed below the flooring which keeps them warm to the touch. Installing radiant heat flooring takes the skills of a qualified professional, so it is a somewhat pricey option. But you’ll really appreciate radiant heat floors when you step out of the shower on a cold Madison winter day!

area rug madison wisconsinArea Rugs

Even though natural wood doesn’t get as cold as stone flooring, it’s not the warmest option available. Unlike stone, you can’t use a radiant heat system underneath natural wood. Instead, strategically place area rugs in your house. Use area rugs next to your bed, around seating areas in a living room or even under a dining room table. Rugs not only look attractive and add interest to your decor, but they will serve as a barrier between your feet and the cold floor.


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Along with keeping your floors warm, you’ll need to consider your family’s lifestyle when choosing a flooring option. Madison carpeting may be the best option for families with older kids, while tile or natural wood often work best for those with young kids or pets. Ask our experts at Floor Coverings International Madison to determine which type of flooring will work best for your everyday needs and keep your home the warmest this winter. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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