bedroom carpet madisonThe bedroom is one of the most common places we see Madison homeowners choose carpet. Typically they’re looking for something warm underfoot and carpet achieves that like no other flooring can. Read on to get some ideas of what type of carpet works best for bedroom flooring.

Loop-Pile Carpet

Homeowners often turn towards Berber carpeting for its unparalleled durability. You won’t have to worry about wear patterns for decades, and the un-cut carpet fibers give this carpet a luxurious feel and clean finish. Go for a classic white, earth tone, or add in some color with a light blue, green, or even orange for a vintage look.

Frieze Carpet

When most people imagine comfy, cozy carpet they are probably envisioning frieze. This carpet is unique because its fibers are cut to varying lengths. This gives the floor a casual tone that is perfect for a bedroom floor. This carpet also is famous for not showing vacuum lines!

Wool Carpet

There’s something irreplaceable about natural fibers in wool carpeting. When you step on wool carpets or area rugs you’ll immediately notice its insulating power! Wool is warm, naturally stain resistant, incredibly durable, and a popular choice for Madison bedroom flooring. Once that cold spell hits during a Madison winter, you’ll be glad you’re waking up to wool carpeting in your bedroom!

Memory Foam Carpet Pad

One thing to consider with carpet installation is the carpet pad that comes with it. For bedrooms, you can often get a softer, more luxurious feel underfoot simply by adding in a top-notch carpet pad. The experts at Floor Coverings International Madison can help recommend a carpet pad that will work best with the carpet you select and give you added comfort if you desire.

Can’t Commit to Carpet?

Maybe your home has beautiful hardwoods and you can’t bear to see them covered up with carpet. Or maybe you want to cut down on the number of allergens harbored in your floors. If you want the plush feel of carpet without the permanent installation, opt for an area rug. This can help to frame the bed and really complete a bedroom design!

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