While many people may not think about area rugs for carpeted
areas of their home, it is a perfectly good practice to do so. Some may say
it’s a fashion no-no, while we believe just the opposite.

An area rug is a good idea for protecting your floors
regardless if you have carpet or not. For carpets like a Saxony, that don’t
wear as well in high-traffic areas, a runner in a hallway or rug in a living
room is a great way to protect your actual carpets. If you have children or
pets, a rug is an even better idea. If you’re worried about rugs being
cumbersome you can try no-slip rug mats to prevent them from “creeping” away.

Much like denim-on-denim, if done well, a rug-on-carpet look
can be a great focal point to your room. Rugs are also great solutions for
renters who dislike their current carpet situation. If you want to have a rug
on your carpets consider these tips.

First, consider texture. We find that the best combinations
are when the carpet and rug are in different textures and/or thickness. If you
have a plush Saxony consider a light looped or flat weave rug or even a
tatami-inspired mat. For looped carpets like a Berber consider a plush shag
rug, although a flat weave rug could look just as nice.

The next thing to consider should be color. Usually if your
carpet is one solid color, you can get away with a print. If you have a mix of
colors in your carpet, try a solid colored rug. Try to choose a rug color and
pattern that contrasts enough against your carpet. This can help to create
different areas in a room if you have an open-floor plan. In addition, it
sometimes looks a bit off if the rug looks exactly like the carpet underneath

Other design elements to think about are the shape of the area
rug and maybe even combining two area rugs on a carpet. We know that last bit
sounds a bit crazy. But consider having a flat weave rug, then adding a faux
animal hide on top. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, do consider the
shape of the area rug. Area rugs don’t have to be just rectangles and squares.
A circle is a unique departure from the obvious. Also be sure the rug will fit
into your space. Too short and your rug is now a bathmat. It will make your
room look awkward and like your furniture doesn’t belong. Not the best look.
The perfect rug will complement the space and group items in your space to give

Finally, remember maintenance. An area rug will protect your
carpet, but you shouldn’t completely disregard regular maintenance and
deep-cleaning. Lift up the edges of area rugs to vacuum the carpet underneath,
and rotate your area rug a couple times of year so that it wears evenly. Rugs
can be deep-cleaned just like your carpets.

While you might not like the idea of a rug on carpets, we
can help you achieve your dream home with the perfect flooring for you. Just
give Floor Coverings International of Madison a call today!