For many Madison homeowners, considering the environmental impact their new flooring has is a priority. Luckily more and more flooring options are available that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and defined by style. Being good to the planet doesn’t mean boring flooring, in fact these styles are increasingly trending and gaining popularity! Read more below on some of our favorite eco-friendly flooring styles available at Floor Coverings International Madison.

bamboo eco-friendly flooring Madison


Hardwood flooring brings about environmental concerns over deforestation, but bamboo flooring is an excellent sustainable alternative with a similar aesthetic. While it may take upwards of 20 years for trees to grow, bamboo grass is ready to harvest within 3 -5 years. You may think of a lighter floor when thinking of bamboo, but bamboo flooring comes in an array of tones to perfectly match your design goals.  


Cork flooring material comes from a renewable source making it an excellent eco-friendly flooring consideration in your Madison home. Cork comes from the bark of tree Quercus Subers, which is not cut down during the harvest process. As flooring, cork is soft to walk on, water resistant, durable, and non-allergenic. This new and unique flooring can be stained to any color imaginable!

Wool Carpetsheep wool carpet Madison

Yes, carpet is available in wool just like your favorite sweater or blanket. Wool carpet does not use volatile organic compounds, which are not great for the environment! As a renewable material, wool is harvested from sheep who simply regrow their coats season after season. If you love the comfort of carpet, but want an environmentally friendly option, wool carpet is the perfect soft, cozy flooring choice.  

Glass Tile

Unlike some materials, glass can be recycled and reused almost infinitely. One thing recycled glass can be turned into is tile floors for your Madison home! Tile floors are always a water resistant, durable, and timeless flooring choice in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Glass tile comes in an array of beautiful colors and patterns.

Reclaimed Hardwood eco friendly reclaimed hardwood Madison

Hardwood flooring is loved by all and has been throughout time. So many structures that are demolished or remodeled have beautiful and salvageable wood. Oftentimes, this antique wood is from unique tree species no longer available for modern hardwood flooring. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is an ultimate example of eco-friendly reuse. Plus, this flooring style is incredibly popular in interior design trends.

Go Green in Madison Today!

There is no reason to compromise style and sustainability with a perfect eco-friendly flooring style for your home. Call Floor Coverings International Madison and schedule a free, in-home consultation today! We proudly serve Madison WI and surrounding areas.

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