soft carpet feet cat_perfectlab_248949220Thinking about installing some new carpet in your Madison home? When carpeting is properly cared for, it can last for many, many years.  But eventually you may need to part ways with your favorite flooring.  Here are five signs it’s time for new carpet from the experts at Floor Coverings International in Madison!

Stains, Stains, Go Away 

Many carpeting choices today are stain resistant, which is a wonderful help.  However, even when we try our best to avoid spills and keep our pets away from the carpet, sometimes stains are inevitable.  We can move the furniture around to cover them up, add in an area rug here or there, but eventually, you’ve got to face your stained carpet and make the decision to start again with fresh, new carpeting!

Wear Patterns Everywhere

Carpeting in your home will not wear out evenly. The carpet around the edges of the room probably barely ever gets touched, while carpet in the high traffic zones will wear down faster. Regular vacuuming will help you to avoid wear patterns from forming, but over time you’ll eventually see that your carpet is more pressed down in areas where you walk frequently.  This is especially true for high pile carpets.  Our design consultants can help you select the perfect new carpeting for any area of your home to ensure you get the most out of your new carpet!

Time for a Style Update

Maybe you’re redecorating your living room or your bedroom. Old, outdated carpet can hold back a room’s overall design and feel. You can paint the walls a new color, get new curtains, and add some fun new throw pillows, but what will really make the room feel totally new and refreshed will be the new flooring.  When you’re changing up a room’s design, start from the ground up with the perfect new carpeting installed to get the look you want.

Old Carpet 

Perhaps you’ve never stopped to think about it:  how old is your carpet?  Maybe it was already installed when you bought the house.  Maybe your carpet has been there for twenty years or more. If you take care of your carpeting with regular vacuuming and occasional steam cleanings, a high-quality carpet can last well over a decade.  But even carpeting that has been well taken care of must also be replaced when it just gets too old.  Installing clean, new carpeting will put your mind at ease knowing years of dust and allergens are not residing in your flooring.  You may even decide to choose a new flooring type all together.  Many homeowners choose to install laminate or hardwood flooring and pair that with a stylish area rug.

It’s Time to get your Dream Carpet

We’ve all stepped on some great carpeting at some point in our lives. You know that ultra cushy, super soft carpeting that gives a little when you walk on it.  Deluxe carpeting options such as wool carpeting will cost you a little more when it comes to materials, but many homeowners are finding going for the high end of the carpeting spectrum is well worth it.  Transform your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary with high-pile, plush carpeting.  Our flooring experts can help you select the correct amount of padding for the carpet to maximize the comfort factor of your new carpet.  After all, isn’t it time you got your dream carpet?

Ready for new carpeting in your home? Here at Floor Coverings International in Madison, we love to help homeowners find new carpeting they will love. Give us a call today to get a free consultation!

Photo: Perfectlab