Madison Bathroom FloorsWith a new year just around the corner, many Madison area homeowners are thinking about the home improvement projects that are top of the list for the new year.  Often homeowners decide that the bathroom is the room that gets remodeled or refreshed. If a bathroom remodel is on your list for 2017, here are some flooring trends to consider from the experts at Floor Coverings International Madison, WI.

Wood-Look Tile

Many homeowners love the look of hardwood and want to achieve this look in the bathroom as well. A great way to get the look of hardwood and the water resistance needed for the bathroom is to choose wood-look tile.  The tiles are shaped like planks of wood and can be installed with minimal grout making the surface truly appear like wood!

Brushed Porcelain Tile

Some homeowners choose to get high gloss tile in the bathroom to get a pristine, clean look.  However, more and more homeowners are going on the other end of the spectrum and choosing a brushed porcelain tile look.  These tiles are often used in commercial spaces, but there’s no reason the sleek, modern look can’t make it into your new bathroom design!

Luxury Vinyl Plank

If you’re looking for flooring that gives you the look of natural stone or hardwood, but also provides a softer, warmer surface then make sure you consider luxury vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl flooring has made huge improvements in recent years and the many stylish options available could be just what your new bathroom needs.

Natural Stone 

There’s no denying the lasting beauty and durability of natural stone flooring.  While this option will cost a bit more on the materials side, your bathroom floors will last for decades and your stone flooring will never go out of style.  Natural stone flooring has been installed for centuries and there’s a reason it’s still at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists for bathroom flooring.

Sheet Linoleum 

If you’re looking for a flooring option in the bathroom that offers protection against moisture, a huge selection of styles and colors, and a material that will help you save on your overall costs, consider sheet linoleum.  This option is warmer than stone or tile varieties and can mimic the look of stone and tile!

The best way to weigh and consider all of the bathroom flooring options out there is to see and feel flooring samples for yourself.  Get started today and contact Floor Coverings International in Madison today for a free design consultation!

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