Soft. Warm. Comfortable under your toes. Carpet flooring comes in an almost endless array of colors and styles for the look and feel you want for your home. Textures are plush, tailored, or patterned to bring out the personality of every room. Sound absorbing fibers and proper padding mean quieter rooms, making carpet flooring a popular choice for second-story hallways and bedrooms. Regular vacuuming and periodic shampooing greatly prolong the life of your carpet.  

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Why Choose FCI? 

  • Manufacturing direct pricing and a huge variety of tile flooring options. 
  • We come to your home to show you all the options and help make your flooring decision easier. Our designers are also well educated about tile flooring so they can answer any questions you might have.
  • Our instant visualization software enables us to show you how your room will look with the flooring you choose, without actually having it installed yet. The technology is stunning and you’ll instantly be impressed when you see images of your rooms with different types of flooring! Our software provides a great way to view many different flooring options for each room to help make decisions. A tough decision just got a lot easier.
  • Get 10% off your entire project when you schedule your consultation online.

Style Choices:

  • Countless colors and textures allow carpet to fit into almost any decor
  • Dark, rich colors can draw a room in, creating a cozy feel
  • Lighter colored carpet flooring opens up a room and can make it seem larger

Also consider that:

  • Carpet may be a challenge to keep clean if it is used in areas that are subject to stains and moisture, such as a laundry room
  • Carpet flooring in strong, bold colors may limit your future options when repainting walls or changing furniture