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Let’s face it.  Some flooring wows you, and some is just okay. So, how do we avoid a sub-par floor?  Here are some common flooring design mistakes and how to avoid them from Floor Coverings International Madison.

Pattern Overload 

Let us be clear: we are not anti pattered carpet!  In fact, a beautiful patterned carpet can work well in a dining room, hallway, or even a living room. However, when you add in a pattern, you’ve now got to balance the other pieces of the room’s design.  For example, you want solid colors for furniture and drapes. That way the pattern on the carpet doesn’t have to compete with many other patterns.

Wrong Material

Sometimes you may love the new flooring you’ve chosen, however, you may want to add it to a room that gets moisture.  Or you may not realize that a playroom often ends up with a crayon or two on the floor.  It’s important to think about the purpose of the room.  What are the flooring needs of this room? Solid hardwood isn’t good right next to a shower stall and carpet doesn’t belong in a kitchen or utility room.  Luckily the experts at Floor Coverings International can help you find a flooring material that is appropriate.

Too Many Flooring Changes 

Maybe you want tile in the kitchen, carpeted stairs and hallways and solid hardwoods in the living room.  Often, with works out fine, but you do want to be mindful of how many flooring types are visible from any single point in your home.  Is it possible to just extend the hardwoods through the hallways? Sometimes in design, less is more.

Do it Yourself Installation 

Maybe you want to save on installation costs, so you opt to do it yourself with your new carpet, laminate or even tile.  Some homeowners take this on and sometimes it creates some issues when it comes to the final product.  If you’ve failed to measure everything correctly, you may find yourself at that bottom stair with not quite enough carpet.  Leave the hauling, installation, and clean-up to the professionals at Floor Coverings International Madison.


What does your transition from carpet to hardwood look like?  How about the tile in the entryway?  Anytime there is a flooring material transition, you want to make sure it looks neat and clean.  It’s also a great opportunity to add in some style.  Patterned hardwood can be installed to mark the perimeter of a room or a transition.  You can also add an accent of natural stone to your design.

The experts at Floor Coverings International Madison can help you avoid these flooring mistakes and make sure your new floors are a success.  Give us a call today to get started with a free design consultation.  We’re located right here in Madison!

Photo: Santiago Cornejo